Q&A with Deb Soloman, Lamar Francois and Laura Cook

Deb Soloman (an Adult Care Social Worker who has ADHD), Lamar Francois (a Photographer and Visual Storyteller who is autistic) and Laura Cook (the Director of The Learning Support Centre who is dyslexic) participated in a Q&A session at The Long Game’s All About Careers event in March. Deb, Lamar and Laura each gave individual talks at the event about how they work at their best. In their joint Q&A session, they gave some fantastic insights on how they manage anxiety, communication, confrontation and relationships in the workplace, and the working strategies they would recommend that others utilise to thrive at work.

A recording of Deb, Lamar and Laura’s Q&A session is available on The Long Game’s YouTube channel, at

A short text summary of their Q&A session is also available on The Long Game’s learning hub, at

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