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There can be a lot to learn when it comes to navigating the workplace. We have worked with a wide range of autistic graduates, in roles including Technical Director, Policy Advisor and Social Worker, to provide you with the latest advice and guidance.

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Jenni – Principal Practice Tutor,  Independent Autistic Social Work Advocate and Writer. 


Jenni, whose background is in social work, provides an insight into what she looks for when interviewing potential employees. She also shares her thoughts on navigating the workplace, as an autistic individual.


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Hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, this event brought together autistic, as well as a dyslexic graduate, to share the skills and experience they have gained throughout their careers. Videos of their talks are below.

What employers look for.

Paul Long

Technical Director


How to work at your best

Deb Solomon

Adult Care Social Worker

How to work at your best

Lamar Francois


How to work at your best

Laura Cook

Managing Director

How to work at your best

Panel Discussion